Up till now, I had managed to pretty much stay on flat ground as I circumnavigated the downtown business district. But now, I was ready to make a beeline for my starting point. My feet were tired and there were plenty of big hills between me and my destination. Fortunately, there were the cable cars.

As I bisected San Francisco on my way back to Union Square, I got to see some of the city's hillier regions. Not only do citizens have to live and work in extremely cramped spaces, they also have to contend with steep, angular streets. I don't know how they manage. For pedestrians, the cable cars are a Godsend. If you drive, you are taking your life into your our hands.

As you can see, many of San Francisco's streets are like a rollercoaster ride. They go down for a few blocks, then they veer up. Over and over again. It must be hell on transmissions and brakes. - Anyway, when you do get to the top of one of these hills, the view can be quite inspiring.

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