Welcome to Palmer Photography, a resource for home-builders, decorators, real estate professionals and architects.

An Affordable Service

Palmer Photography exists to provide home-creating businesses with professional, low-cost digital photography. If you need to have your work documented for personal or promotional reasons, turn to Palmer Photography for quick, reliable results.

Meet Tom

Photographer Tom Palmer has previously worked as an advertising agency Art Director, supervising top photographers in Chicago and Kansas City for a number of years. As a result he has an eye for giving you the images you need to accomplish your short-range goals.

Flash And Dash

Tom is a budget-minded photographer who uses a minimum of equipment to rapidly capture architectural scenes. If you don't feel that you have the time, talent or equipment to personally photograph your work, and can't afford a high-end professional, Palmer Photography is a perfect solution.

How Does Tom Work?

Typically, Mr. Palmer will spend a day photographing the interiors of 4 to 6 homes, plus the exteriors of 10 to 20 houses. Concerning interiors, small homes take about 30 minutes to shoot, medium-sized homes run around 45 minutes and large homes can take anywhere from 1 to 2 hours. Exteriors are very straight-forward and take roughly 5 or 10 minutes. As a rule, Mr. Palmer will document the majority of rooms in a house from various angles, plus any significant features. Equipment usually consists of a digital camera, camera-mounted flash and tripod.

Where Does Tom Work?

Although Mr. Palmer is based out of Tampa (previously Kansas City), he can be found photographing homes for clients all across the United States. The previous 4 years have taken him to 32 different states by car, train and airplane, including Alaska, Washington, California, Texas, Minnesota, Illinois, Florida, Georgia, New York and Maine.

What Does He Charge?

Mr. Palmer charges a photographic rate of $110 per hour (billed in 15-minute increments), plus expenses relating to transportation, lodging and camera supplies. An advance deposit is required to cover all expected out-of-pocket expenses. Alternately, he can bill for services by the house in the following degrees: 1 Level ($65) - 2 Levels ($90) - 3 Levels ($115) - 4 Levels, or Extra-Large 3 Level House ($140).

What Do You Come Away With?

Once photography has been completed, Mr. Palmer will make a CD-ROM containing low-resolution versions of the images for your inspection. After full payment for photographic services has been received, Mr. Palmer will give you a CD-ROM containing all of the original high-resolution digital images he has taken at your request. Included will be a photographic license granting you permission to use the photos for specific purposes, under agreed-upon conditions. In accordance with copyright laws and industry practices, Mr. Palmer will retain the copyright ownership of all materials he creates.

Additional Services

Depending on the uses you have in mind for your photos, you may want to have Tom enhance particular images. Most often, clients ask their graphic designers or printing companies to take care of this, because such individuals have a more intimate knowledge of the processes the photos will be put through. However, if you need an image retouched, exposure-corrected or manipulated in some other way, Mr. Palmer would happy to take care of the matter at his standard rate of $110.00 per hour.

Hope To Work With You

If you are a business or individual who makes use of freelance photographers from time to time, please consider working with Palmer Photography. Tom is a very congenial and easy-going person to work with and tries hard to give you the best quality possible. Acquaint yourself with the samples in this site and next time the occasion seems right, send Palmer Photography an e-mail to get a discussion going.

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Clients And Samples

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