James Burke is looking for Grad Students and Academics to help do research.

In a previous update from Mr. Burke: (Jan. 11, 2002) - "The web project goes well, thanks to help from a group of very dedicated and highly qualified pro bono people in Silicon Valley and around the country (the web will go online free when it's ready). We meet virtually (and less often in real world). Main need at the moment is for help in researching the 400 x 1000-wd biographies left to do (I've done 1800), so if anybody out there is a grad student or in the academic world and feels like helping, I'd be glad to hear from them (via you)."

Additional Update: (Feb. 02, 2002) - "Thanks again for passing on those folks. It's extremely helpful. Always need more."

To respond to Mr. Burke's request for volunteer help on his Knowledge Web project, please send a reply to the coordinators at pat13@dslextreme.com.

For more information, please visit the official K-Web project website. www.k-web.org