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The above map chronicles my driving adventures as an adult (every place I've been since graduating from college in 1978). It does not display the many Amtrak trips I have been on, nor the handful of airline flights I have taken.

A number of the roads on this map have seen me multiple times, such as the "loop" from Chicago to San Francisco to Los Angeles and back. Regarding train travel, for probably a decade or more, I rode Amtrak's Southwest Chief from Chicago (or Kansas City) to Los Angeles and back 2 - 3 times a year.

For the moment, only one state remains to be visited: Hawaii. Alaska (along with Canada) finally came in July 2006 and Vermont in November. I have now visited every state it is possible to drive to.

I can't say that I can recount all the places my parents took me as a child. I remember at least 3 trips to Los Angeles, several vacations to visit my uncle in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, a couple of drives to scenic Colorado, and one journey to witness the World's Fair in New York (1964).

Who knows where I will go next.