Today, showing your house on the Internet is an absolute necessity. Home-seekers now use the Internet to narrow their choices before making a personal visit. Gathering property information from the comfort of home or office saves people considerable time, effort and money.

With this in mind, Fantastic Places has developed a series of attractive web-page advertisements (WebADs) that you can use to display your property online and attract potential buyers.

Property Owners: If you have decided to sell or rent your property without the aid of an agent, a WebAD can give you an influential presence on the Internet that is within your budget. Alternately, a WebAD can be a useful option for your realtor of choice to take advantage of.

Real Estate Agents: If you want an independent web service to display properties, or need a space to feature a more elaborate listing, Fantastic Places can help you communicate effectively with customers.

Let potential buyers know that your property is fantastic. Put the power of the "Fantastic Places" name to work for you today!

The basic price to assemble a WebAD, plus three months hosting is $65.

Images and text descriptions of property are to be provided by the seller.
If needed, home photography services are available from Fantastic Places seperately.

To purchase a WebAD or get more information, e-mail Tom Palmer at