Dear Friends and Fellow Travelers,

During the months of July and August, back in 2002, I happened to rent a car for two weeks and drove out to the West Coast in order to hand deliver some old musical equipment I had recently sold to a collector. My journey started in Kansas City and took me to San Francisco, then down the California coast to San Diego and back again to the Midwest through scenic Arizona and New Mexico.

On this adventure, I encountered a number of new destinations I had always wanted to visit. I also had the opportunity to take in a few old favorites. This turned out to be a remarkable trip, because it featured so many noteworthy stopping points. Some of the highlights included, Monterrey Bay Aquarium, Hearst Castle, Universal Studios City Walk, Comic-Con International convention, Las Vegas strip, Sedona/Red Rocks area and Santa Fe. It would be hard not to describe many of these locations as big and breath-taking. I came away virtually overwhelmed with the magnitude of it all.

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Kansas / Colorado - Wyoming - Utah / Nevada - California: ( Santa Cruz - Monterey - Hearst Castle - Cambria - Los Angeles - 2 - La Jolla - San Diego - 2 - 3 ) Nevada - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - Arizona - New Mexico - 2 - 3 - Colorado
I want to mention that I got quite a deal from Budget Rent-A-Car, who rented me my cushy Dodge Intrepid by the week with unlimited mileage. When I returned, after having driven 6000 miles, the startled attendant had to check the odometer and paperwork twice before accepting such an incredibly low payment for the rental.

OK, more from the road as it happens. Safe journeys. -- Tom